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Royal Issue


Royal Issue



Thomas Borcsok


The tenacious heiress to one of Europe’s largest empires struggles to keep her family’s legacy in tact after she ascends to the throne and draws the ire of a blood-thirsty Prussian king who wants to steal her land… and her husband.



In the 1730's, Europe is a boy’s club—nay, a prince’s club. Despite being the heiress apparent, Maria Theresa is everyone’s last choice to inherit the Austrian Empire by virtue of her sex. This sentiment is held most firmly by her father, Charles VI, who would like nothing less than to see his daughter succeed him. However, after Charles VI’s many failed attempts to secure a son, a fatal dose of wild mushrooms is the catalyst that propels Maria Theresa into a position that nobody expected her to fill.


In an attempt to avoid a disastrous arranged marriage to the blood-thirsty King Frederick of Prussia, the tenacious heiress marries her best friend and confidant, the flamboyant Francis Stephen. When she and her husband take the reins of power, this unlikely duo struggles to fend off foes and former-allies alike who would rather risk life and limb than see a woman and her queer husband helm one of Europe’s greatest powers.


Heading the insurrection against Maria Theresa is the Prussian King, whose insistence on stealing her hereditary lands (and her husband to boot!) is a complicating factor in an already rocky reign. His Machiavellian tactics manage to drive a wedge between the royal couple, jeopardizing not only their partnership, but Maria Theresa’s grip on power as well.


As Frederick’s lustfulness plunges Maria Theresa into a continent-encompassing war, this heiress fights tooth and nail to demonstrate that, God as her witness, no man will stand in the way of her claim to the Austrian Empire.


Royal Issue is an irreverent take on history with a healthy dose of satire, sacrilege, and psychedelics.



Series, 1 hour x 8 episodes


Comedy, Drama

Pilot Synopsis

Charles VI is obsessed with obtaining a male heir to secure the future of his sprawling empire.


In the undesirable instance that Charles' eldest daughter, Maria Theresa, should inherit, Charles has decided that it would be preferable that she be married to a man who could keep his hereditary lands intact.


The Pope aids Charles VI in his quest to secure a male heir.

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