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Ontario election, Ottawa Centre: Borcsok — 'I offer a promise of progress over partisanship'

Reproduced from the Ottawa Citizen (May 27, 2022).

The Citizen invited local candidates in the Ontario June 2 election to tell voters what they hope to do specifically for their riding if elected. Several responded by our deadline, and we’re happy to share the pitches of those who did. Today, Ottawa Centre independent candidate Thomas Borcsok:

My name is Thomas Borcsok and I am an independent candidate running in the 2022 Ontario general election to become the MPP for Ottawa Centre.

Although I am running as an independent, rest assured that it is not because I disagree fundamentally with the big parties. In fact, when it comes to affordability and the rising cost of living, I believe that both the Ontario NDP’s dental and pharmacare proposals, and the Ontario Liberal Party’s proposal to build affordable housing through the Ontario Home Building Corporation, are practicable and appetizing for many Ontarians.

What has been less appetizing is the increasing toxicity of partisan politics. If you caught the Ontario leaders’ debate on May 16, you may have heard the moderators ask party leaders what their government would do to combat toxic partisan politics in Queen’s Park. Indeed, our provincial and federal parliaments have devolved into hostile party-versus-party scrums where the prime directive is not to work collaboratively for the benefit of all electors, but to discredit the opponent at every turn.

Responding to the question, Liberal leader Steven Del Duca noted, “the climate crisis must transcend partisanship.” I agree, but only in part — because the climate crisis is not the only issue which I believe must transcend partisanship.

Denouncing the disproportionate use of force by the Ottawa Police Service against Black and Middle Eastern people must transcend partisanship. Recognizing and addressing the historical and contemporary mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples in the province must transcend partisanship. The enhancement of democratic representation through the pursuit of electoral reform must transcend partisanship. Our democracy must transcend partisanship.

I believe that an independent candidate is a solution to these partisan woes. As an independent, I offer the electors of Ottawa Centre a promise of progress over partisanship. I want to work with the NDP, Liberals, Greens and Progressive Conservatives to do meaningful work, such as making life more affordable for you. Although we may see things differently — for instance, I believe minimum wage annual increases should be indexed to inflation to keep pace with the rising cost of living, as implemented in B.C. — I know that cooperation and compromise is necessary for the proper functioning of a democracy.

For those who have become discouraged or disillusioned by toxic partisan politics, entrust your vote to me, Thomas Borcsok, and know that I will be working for the people of Ottawa Centre, not for a political party. I will be your partner in Queen’s Park, raising hell and demanding competence and accountability from our elected officials.

To learn more about the commitments in my election platform, please visit:

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