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Greater Gods


Greater Gods


Thomas Borcsok

Series Logline

A priestess stumbles upon a nefarious conspiracy behind the recent murder of her king and, in the process, unearths an ancient secret which threatens to unravel the foundations of her religion.


Series Synopsis

Astrology, mythology, and gemology come together in this millennial wetdream/fantasy epic about an unassuming woman who goes from priestess to heathen to goddess. Sheba is a Priestess of Death who stumbles upon a secret plot concocted by the King of Orculus and his son, Prince Yanis, to kill the God of Death and take his place. This shakes her reality as it reveals the falseness of her religion and the fallibility of her deities. To add insult to injury, when the current God of Death, Nafe, catches wind of a potential coup, he engineers a machiavellian plot to protect his position and power.


By sowing war, famine, and pestilence in the mortal world, Death becomes clogged with new souls and Nafe becomes inaccessible in its deep depths. Sheba discovers his evil intentions when the dead start slipping back into Life en masse and consequently embarks on a journey to challenge her god, who she now reviles. But Sheba and the Orculian royals aren’t the only mortals vying to challenge the cruel god. Fate’s tangled strings bring numerous players into the fold, commencing a race to become the next God of Death.



Series - 1 hour x 8 episodes



Fantasy, Drama

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